Why Security First Limited?
Security First Limited provides you with the professional and excellent guard services for truck yard facility sites in Ontario and nearby areas.We are trusted by different truck and trailer companies for their Truck yard security services. The guards at Security First Limited are professionally trained and approved for duty. By hiring guard services from us, you can decrease your worry of protection.Are you looking for similar services for your truck yard?We would be glad to provide you with helping hand.The various Truck Yard Security duties might include:
• Duties on Reception
• Access Control
• Registration of the visitor
• Closed Circuit TV monitoring
• Control of the Parking
• Control of the Amenities
• Duties on Gates
• Log trucks and trailers in and out of the facility, done for pickup and delivery of goods
Our Patrols can cover the following things
• Garages for Trucks & trailer
• Various floors
• Ground and regular areas
We provide the above mentioned services for your truck yard. Also, you can check our customer testimonials for further details. At Security First Limited, the best and licensed security guards can comfortably manage your truck yard’s security. Employ Security First Limited for your truck yards security today.