Security first Limited’s patrol vehicles will provide you with a highly evident and efficient way to put off the crime. We will also impose proper rules and regulations and provide you with a sense of safety.All of the employed guards have been hired through the proper process, gone through the proper interview, background checks and provided with comprehensive training. With all these factors, we ensure that you are provided with the best top-notch security services.

At Security First Limited, the security guards are fully licensed and insured to provide you with professional vehicle patrol security services. It will include different perimeters and observation patrols.You are also provided with the observation and report, examination of any doubtful activity, the power to arrest, alarm and provide emergency response. We provide you with other patrol security services. If there is a requirement, we provide you with guards who carry firearms, or professionals certified in CPR and first aid.

We provide you with detailed reports of the times and frequency of the patrols for accountability and documentation. One of our security supervisors will ensure to conduct a complete and on-assessment of your property and get proper patrol route ad designated check-in areas. This will ensure that all of your security needs are met.